Shout it from the roof tops!! – Reasons people should buy Chromebooks

When I first mentioned to people I was going to mothball my old Windows laptop and replace it with a Chormebook, you could see from the sheer look of horror on their faces they thought I was making the wrong decision. In fact I pretty sure most thought I was insane and should be locked up in some kind of asylum!

Yes there are negatives of running a Chromebook :- You cant install programmes, you cant play heavy games and forget about any extensive Video and picture editing. But you can find a work around for most things!

I asked myself “What do I actually use my laptop for?” I generally only use it for surfing the internet – checking social media, checking emails and using basic office suite functions such as word processing, spread sheets etc. I don’t do any crazy video or picture editing and I am not a hard-core gamer – just a plain and simple domestic user.

You do need to ask yourself “How often do I REALLY use my computer/laptop away from  home? or another WIFI source?”. I bet the answer isn’t that often!

While Chromebooks do work without an internet connection with offline apps, you can still draft emails and documents which will sync soon as you do have  connection, you don’t get their full benefit without being connected to the internet. For me I usually use mine at home and very occasionally while travelling, which isn’t usually too far away from an internet connection – either at a hotel or free wifi hotspot at a McDonnalds, coffee shop or pub,  so for me a Chromebook is perfect.

Here is a rundown of why any “domestic” computer user SHOULD by a Chromebook as their next device:

  1. SPEED Boots up from being tuned off to connected and ready to work in well under 10 seconds!
  2. SIMPLICITY Chromebooks are extremely simple to use. It just a plain and simple web browser. Anyone that uses Google Chrome will feel right at home as soon as they power it up.  All you have is Chrome, a login screen, a basic desktop and a user detail/settings area. Simples!
  3. COST More bang for your buck! ChromeOS is a single-minded platform, it doesn’t suffer from bloat like most other operating systems leading to degeneration where your machine just gets slower and slower and slower over time. A device featuring an Intel Celeron 2955U 1.4 GHz and 2 GB of RAM feels far more powerful than it should.
  4. KEEP UPDATED Chromebooks update their operating system and software in the background, just as the Chrome web  browser does on your computer. You don’t have to worry about Windows Update hassling you to reboot your computer automatically and every little program on your desktop having its own separate update process. You always have the latest version of everything so no need to fork out even more money to buy the lasts operating system version or having to buy a new machine as your “old” one isn’t powerful enough to cope.
  5. KEEP GOING AND GOING They really seem to just keep going! When it comes to battery life there Is just no comparison. They will last over double the amount of time compared to the next best Windows device.
  6. OH YES YOU CAN Contrary to popular believe Chromebooks so run offline. Granted you are limited, but all Google Drive apps can be used offline and soon as you connect again – you can even draft emails. Google Store also has many apps available for off-line work.
  7. SECURE Chrome O/S is built on a foundation of Linux. Because you won’t be installing the standard applications, there’s little to no concern for malware and virus infections. These devices just work. They also have built in anti-virus protection that again is free and constantly being updated to track the latest threats.
  8. STURDY As they don’t have any moving parts (they use a SSD hard drive, which is flash-based), meaning you don’t have to worry about tossing them in a bag or using them on a bumpy road. No moving parts also means better battery life. Not to mention silent. They don’t require a fan you can literally hear yourself think while working. Should you somehow smash your screen, its no big deal to replace them and are relatively cheap in comparison.
  9. EVERTYHING EVERYWHERE As a Chromebook is cloud based you literally take all of your work with you wherever you are, regardless if you have your Chromebook with you. All you have to do is logon to ANY computer/laptop (or even smartphone), go to and login to your Account and hey presto! all your documents/pictures/videos/calendars.
  10. NO CROSS PLATFROM WORRIES Linked to the above point… you can access your Google account on Chromebooks, Macs, Android phones, Iphones with ease.
  11. USE MICROSOFT PRODUCTS Yes it is still possible to use Microsoft Word, Excel etc. via Microsoft 365. Also you can store Microsoft documents in your Google Drive and Edit them with ease.

So there it is… Spread the word! Chromebooks are fantastic pieces of kit and excellent value for money when compared to other products.


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