Can’t download Torrents on a Chromebook they say…..

It has been said that up to 30% of torrent files online contain some kind of malware and can leave your computer and personal data to the mercy of hackers. This is where a Chromebook can come into its own!

One of the many benefits of owning a Chromebook is security and protection they offer you with their “out of the box” anti-virus protection. So surly a Chromebook is a match made in heaven when it comes to taking a gamble with downloading torrent files.

JSTorrent (Google Play Store link available below) have a BitTorrent client that will work all Chromebooks. It has a simple interface and can also be used offline enabling to sort through your files. This app isn’t free but at only a couple of pounds it wont brake the bank. I have tried several free Torrent clients that “worked” but only after a lot a tinkering around and were temperamental at best. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”

The lack of storage on a Chromebook is an issue with many people, but by added an expandable memory card in to your device you can create enough space to store  a couple of films/shows and watch offline.

JSTorrent Link


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